•·.·¯`·.·• !!! NaTe'S bLoG !!!•·.·¯`·.·•

•·.·¯`·.·• NaTe'S bLoG •·.·¯`·.·•

first of fall thank u guys for the birthday wishes it really made my day todays one of those days where i srsly cant anymore. ive been told people are nicer in college but thats not my case at all. and the officer douchebag thinks its funny to jack me up solely bc he had a rough day... sadly i picked up smoking nd im a fucking chimney everytime im stressed out. good ol' nirvana, pearl jam mixes and fuck everything. im also failing alot of subjects and idk how tf im gonna get enough time to work n pass those mofos. srry for ranting i just cant deal w anything at this point but life eventually has to get better y'know what im saying? peace out my dudes and dont be like me :P - nate tate.

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