•·.·¯`·.·• !!! NaTe'S bLoG !!!•·.·¯`·.·•

•·.·¯`·.·• NaTe'S bLoG •·.·¯`·.·•

oh well life doesnt seem to get any better for me. officer douchebag has been making my life hell. its quite funny tho cuz since mom left us hes been taking it out on me. college is been a pain in the butt too. my classmates are a bunch of fart-knockers, can you guys believe they still think bullying someone makes them cool?? they're in their 20s ffs. its freaking dumb haha. but its okay i can handle it pretty well. i also got a new job since officer douchebag doesnt want anything to do w me but i still cant leave this shithole. anyways hopefully ill add another update.

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