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•·.·¯`·.·• NaTe'S bLoG •·.·¯`·.·•

sup my friends!! hows life been going for ya? thank u so much for the amount of mails youve been sending to this homie, youve been making my days hella better. its been a while since i posted, and guess what? im 20 years old my dudes! im almost legal rofl! its hilarious bc no matter how much i try i cant get a good job to leave the douche's house (its not my house persay fyi) it must be bc im socially awkward af or maybe bc i dress weird? thats a fun fact now that i mention it, for those who asked me about pics of my face... i dont have a camera. but i lowkey imitate kurt cobains clothes and a bit of the hair, but shorter. thats all i can say until i get that freakin' camera. douche says if i want shit i gotta work for it. anyways tysm guys for the kind emails hope i can get in touch with you often! peace out! - nate tate.

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